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Howl Art & Literary Magazine

Copper Mountain College  |  Joshua Tree CA  |  2014 - 2019

Howl Logo.png

Annual publication funded by Copper Mountain College Foundation to include art and literary works from Copper Mountain College students and the community.

(Click on cover image to see full book)

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Howl Cover v1 proof_Page_1.jpg


Howl Cover Final digital_Page_3.jpg


Howl 2017 Cover 030517 front.png


Howl 2018 Cover_031718_front-02.png


Howl 2019 Cover_front-02.png


Project Overview

Design and layout the Howl publication including selecting the cover which will also be used on all the marketing material. Design and create marketing material such as posters, flyers and facebook event images.


  • Designed logo for Howl

  • Added art to magazine. It was strictly literary only besides the cover

  • Added multiple live reading events in the community

  • Pulled in local venues, artists and musicians for live reading events

  • Added suggested donation for the printed books

Quote from Editor, Ellen Baird

Melissa Sabol is incredible; I don’t know where to begin. From our first meeting, she inspired us work with a larger community base and bring Howl off campus for more to enjoy. Melissa was able to see what we could not: Howl lacked identity and a widespread audience. She suggested we bring the readings into holistic events, which include local talents and businesses. Melissa is possibly the most professional person I have ever worked with; in addition to that level of ethics, she is creative, receptive, patient, humble, artistic, enthusiastic, and nurturing. Melissa has vision, and she lent that vision to Howl. Much of her time and effort was donated to the perfection of this year’s Howl.

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