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Chambers Group

Santa Ana, CA | Los Angeles, CA | Redlands, CA | San Diego, CA | El Centro, CA | Reno, NV

Chambers Group was founded in 1978 following the passage of several environmental protection policies. The firm was established as an environmental consulting business to support industry companies and local government agencies navigate new legislative acts and associated regulations.Chambers Group, Inc., a certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise, provides environmental consulting services to private businesses, industry and government agencies throughout the western United States. With roots in environmental compliance and natural resources management, Chambers Group works on behalf of its clients to avoid or reduce project impacts to the environment while keeping projects moving forward.

Project Overview

Chambers Group has been around for over 30 years and they needed an upgrade in their branding. They wanted to keep their original Nautilius shell symbol.  Because Chambers Group is an enviromental group I used leaf shaped forms to make the Nautilius.  I also modernized the colors and typefaces bringing the overall identity to a new era. I'm very proud and honored to be asked to rebrand such a well recognized and sustained business like Chambers Group.

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